Exec spec, outsource/contract out,

next step - reference implementation

Initial tests - executable spec, WHAT, not yet HOW. DSL

log-in/sign-in, ... inconsistency - on purpose - address in scaling up.

Splitting into multiple repositories if necessary, multiple implementations.

Doesn't have to be two layer - actors and pages, sometimes might have to work at the page layer if actor layer abstracts low-level interactions which need to be demonstrated or tested - getPageFactory(), getCurrentPage().

Number of lines of code in test impl's, actors specs, actor impls, page specs, page impls.

To sketch (wireframe/mockup) or not to sketch (wireframe/mockup)

Sketching. To sketch/wireframe/mockup or not to wirefarme - corporate template, skills, processes (e.g. UX team must be involved), readiness of the domain model. Static wireframes using HTML factory - evolve to dynamic. Opportunity cost of sketching/wireframing.

Responsiveness, reuse

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